As we’ve been making cheese for the people of the North East for many years, we’ve developed a strong range of cheeses that our customers love.

We make each and every one of our cheeses using local milk and traditional methods. All of our handmade cheeses are also vegetarian and made with pasteurised milk.

Traditional Wensleydale

Our traditional wensleydale is a brilliantly versatile cheese, which is creamy yet crumbly and salty, yet mild. It can be used in cooking, or just eating on its own.


Garlic & Chive Wensleydale

Using the same base as our traditional Wensleydale cheese, the Garlic and chive wensleydale has fresh garlic and dried chives mixed into the curd when we make it, which leaves the cheese with a lovely garlic flavour that is tasty – but not too strong! We recommend this one on a sweet digestive biscuit!


Cracked Black Pepper Wensleydale

Again using our great traditional Wensleydale base, the Cracked Black Pepper Wensleydale is a very tasty cheese as the nice mild but salty base contrasts well with the black pepper, which has a bit of a kick to it but is in no way overpowering.


Olive Mescolate Wensleydale

The olive wensleydale is made using fresh green olives in our traditional wensleydale base, and creates a lovely blend of textures resulting in a nice subtle salty flavour, that not only looks but also tastes great on a cheeseboard!


Fresh Chilli Wensleydale

We use a mixture of fresh chillies, chilli powder and chilli flakes in our Chilli Wensleydale, mixed into the traditional wensleydale curds. This creates a chilli cheese that not only has a nice kick to it, but also focuses on the chilli flavour, rather than just creating a ‘blow-your-head-off’ cheese.


Smoked Wensleydale

We make our smoked Wensleydale the proper way! We take rounds of our traditonal wensleydale cheese to a smokehouse in Hawes where we pay per kilo to get our cheeses smoked.


Mature Cheddar

At Laceys we have a brilliant cheddar cheese, with it being matured for a minimum of 12 months. It has a strong and creamy flavour that our customers love, with a sweet and nutty kick to it.

Goats Cheese

Our Goats cheese is a gorgeous traditionally made goats cheese. It’s really fresh and creamy and has a bit of a tang to it, but it isn’t too hard or strong. If you like goats cheese, you’ll love ours!

Goats cheese


Our brie is a delicious, mild & creamy cheese. It is perfect on a cheese board or in cooking. In the Lacey Household, we love the brie stuffed with garlic mushrooms, then baked in the oven and served with crusty white bread.


Richmond Blue

The Richmond blue is like a strong creamy Stilton, which is perfect on it’s on or in cooking. It is a strong cheese but it’s creaminess makes it mellow and not harsh in flavour at all.


We also make a range of guest cheeses, so keep an eye out to see what we have on offer!

To make an enquiry, please email or call 01748 880238


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  1. Superb quality cheeses delivered this afternoon. Since then, we’ve had a bit of a cheese-fest, extended ploughmans for both tea & supper with the help of family dropping by. Need to order again very very soon!

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